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Contents JBJ Issue 56

‘The Meeting Place of Two Worlds’: John Buchan and the Poetics of the In-Between by Kevin Hutchings
John Buchan: ‘Ballade of Old Authors’ 11
The Northern Muse by Ursula Buchan 13
John Buchan’s ‘At the Article of Death’ and his Scottish Sensibility by John Stephens 17
The Pathway to Reality by Donald Abbott 25
Sick Heart River by Charles Wide 27
John Buchan and CS Lewis: Two Outsiders and the Inner Ring by Marcus Paul 32
A Portrait of Tommy Nelson: ‘My Dearest Friend’ by Ian Cairns 41
A Portrait of ‘Cubby’ Medd: ‘One of My Dearest Friends’ by Kenneth Hillier 50
The Meadow by Perdita Buchan 59
John Buchan’s Augustus: A Covert Attack on Facism by Phyllis Brighouse 61
Parallel Lives: John Buchan and Winston Churchill by Michael Redley 71
Bibliophile’s Corner: 100 Years Ago, 1923 by Kenneth Hillier 77
Contributors 80

Issue 56 – Dec 2022