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The Journal is published in December of each year.

‘Professor Veitch’s Funeral’, by Ursula Buchan
John Buchan’s Jacobites by Laura Buchan
Walter Buchan Who He? by Deborah Stewartby
From the Museum by Deborah Stewartby
JB and Johnnie Buchan’s Trip to the Faroes: The Island of Sheep by Ursula Buchan
No Place to Die: Bond and the Buchans in the Faroes by Neil Matthews
John Buchan’s Three Kings by Tom Chidwick
A Vision of Canada vis-ä-vis the USA and ‘Greater Britain’ in JB’s Sick Heart River by Pilvi Rajamäe
A Prince of the Captivity: a reflection by Geoffrey Taylor
The Prototype of Richard Hannay: an open and shut case? by Marcus Paul
These for Remembrance: a Sleuth’s Report by Kenneth Hiller
Never Judge a Book by its Cover? by Richard Piper
Bibliophile’s Corner: 100 Years Ago , 1922 by Kenneth Hiller
Note: Alistair Francis Buchan 1918 – 1976

Issue 55 – Dec 2022