The John Buchan Society exists to promote a wider understanding of the life and works of John Buchan, Lord Tweedsmuir (1875-1940). He was a prolific Scottish writer, best remembered now for his ‘shocker’ novel, The Thirty-Nine Steps. But he was also a historian, politician, and statesman, whose influence continues to this day.

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The ‘John Buchan Unbound’ Trailer is here!

Join Ursula Buchan & Michael Redley on a thrilling journey through the eyes of John Buchan, exploring the Great War through his writing and his iconic hero Richard Hannay. It all begins on 22nd November 2023 so follow the adventure here and stay tuned…

Ep. 3 | Mr Standfast: Backs Against the Wall

Join us in the third episode of ‘John Buchan Unbound’ as we explore the enthralling world of “Mr. Standfast”. This episode takes a deep dive into John Buchan’s portrayal of World War I, seamlessly intertwining the tales of the frontlines and the homefront. Our hosts, Ursula Buchan and Michael Redley, unpack the novel’s rich narrative, revealing how Buchan’s real-life war experiences enrich the story. Discover the captivating blend of fiction and history in this insightful analysis of arguably Buchan’s best war-time fiction.
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