John Buchan Unbound

We are excited to announce a brand new podcast, recorded in November 2023, ‘John Buchan Unbound’.
Join Ursula Buchan & Michael Redley on a thrilling journey through the eyes of John Buchan, exploring the Great War through his writing and his iconic hero Richard Hannay. Listen to each episode below as they are released.

The ‘John Buchan Unbound’ Trailer

See what the adventure is all about here and stay tuned…

Ep. 1 | The Thirty-Nine Steps: On the Very Brink of War

Welcome to the first episode of ‘John Buchan Unbound’! In this gripping inaugural episode hosts Ursula Buchan and Michael Redley embark on a captivating exploration of John Buchan’s ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’. Dive into the heart-pounding adventures of Buchan’s most famous character, Richard Hannay, as Ursula and Michael bring unique insights into Buchan’s life, his writing style, and how his experiences shaped the thrilling narratives of espionage and adventure. See how Buchan’s work echoed the tumultuous times he lived in.

Ep. 2 | Greenmantle: Crafting the Narrative of War

In this second episode of ‘John Buchan Unbound,’ we journey into the vivid and shadowy streets of wartime Constantinople as depicted in John Buchan’s “Greenmantle.” This second instalment in Buchan’s wartime novel series not only advances the adventures of Richard Hannay but also serves as a critical exploration of Buchan’s role during The Great War. We analyze the intricate blending of fiction and historical fact, examining how Buchan’s work in the Foreign Office and his experiences in propaganda subtly weave into the novel’s narrative fabric.

Ep. 3 | Mr Standfast: Backs Against the Wall

Join us in the third episode of ‘John Buchan Unbound’ as we explore the enthralling world of “Mr. Standfast”. This episode takes a deep dive into John Buchan’s portrayal of World War I, seamlessly intertwining the tales of the frontlines and the homefront. Our hosts, Ursula Buchan and Michael Redley, unpack the novel’s rich narrative, revealing how Buchan’s real-life war experiences enrich the story. Discover the captivating blend of fiction and history in this insightful analysis of arguably Buchan’s best war-time fiction.

Ep. 4 | The Three Hostages: The Post-War World

Join us for the fourth episode of ‘John Buchan Unbound’ for an insightful exploration of John Buchan’s post-war thriller ‘The Three Hostages’. This episode delves into the novel’s portrayal of the psychological aftermath of World War I, through the experiences of Richard Hannay and his encounter with the mysterious villain, Dominic Medina. We’ll explore the themes of identity, deception, and the moral conflicts in a society still healing from the scars of war. Discover how Buchan’s storytelling intertwines with historical insights, revealing the profound impact of the war on both individuals and society. Listen as we unravel the complexities of one of Buchan’s most captivating works.

Ep. 5 | Memory Hold the Door: Reflections on the Great War

In the final episode of ‘John Buchan Unbound’, join Ursula Buchan and historian Michael Redley to explore John Buchan’s retrospect on the First World War in his book ‘Memory Hold the Door’. This episode traverses the transformative effects of the war on global societies, revealing Buchan’s insights as a war correspondent, intelligence officer, and novelist. We delve into his post-war life, his political and literary contributions, and his profound reflections on democracy and literary modernism. Concluding our series, we celebrate Buchan’s enduring legacy, showcasing his unique perspective on a world reshaped by conflict and his ongoing influence in literature and history.