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DateTitlePublication / First Published inSubsequent Short Story Collection

October1894 'Sentimental Travelling'

Macmillan's Magazine 70 (420) 445-51 Scholar Gypsies (1896)
December1894 'On Cademuir Hill'

Glasgow University Magazine 7(7) 122-4
September1895 'Night On The Heather'

Glasgow University Magazine 7(7) 122-4 Scholar Gypsies (1896)
October1895 Sir Quixote of the Moors

T. Fisher Unwin
October1896 Musa Piscatrix (fishing poems and songs) - edited by John Buchan (Read...)

January1896 'A Captain of Salvation'

The Yellow Book 8, 143-58
April1896 'A Journey of Little Profit'

The Yellow Book 9, 189-201 Grey Weather (1899)
May1896 'Politics and the Mayfly'

Chambers' Journal 13 (645) 301-4 Grey Weather (1899)
September1896 'Afternoon'

Scholar Gypsies
September1896 'An Individualist'

Scholar Gypsies
January1897 'At The Article of Death'

The Yellow Book 12, 273-80 Grey Weather (1899)
March1897 'At The Rising of the Waters'

Chambers' Journal 14 (689) 173-6 Grey Weather (1899)
June1897 'Prester John'

Chambers' Journal 14 (701) 362-5 Grey Weather (1899)
July1897 'The Song of the Moor' / 'The Moor Song'

Macmillan's Magazine 76 (453) 215-20 Grey Weather (1899)
4 December1897 John Burnet of Barns

Chambers's Journal, Sixth Series 1 (1)
February1898 'A Reputation'

Macmillan's Magazine 77 (460) 294-300 Grey Weather (1899)
June1898 John Lane

January1899 'No-Man's Land'

Blackwood's Magazine 165 (999) 1-36 The Watcher by the Threshold (1901)
March1899 'The Earlier Affection'

Grey Weather
March1899 'The Black Fishers'

Grey Weather
March1899 'Summer Weather'

Grey Weather
March1899 'The Oasis In The Snow'

Grey Weather
March1899 'The Herd of Standlan'

Grey Weather
March1899 'Streams of Water in the South'

Grey Weather
March1899 'Comedy in the Full Moon'

Grey Weather
September1899 A Lost Lady Of Old Years

John Lane
November1899 'The Far Islands'

Blackwood's Magazine 166 (1009) 604-19 The Watcher by the Threshold (1901)
September1900 The Half-Hearted

Good Words Vol XLI - 1 Isbister
December1900 'The Watcher By The Threshold'

Blackwood's Magazine 168 (1022) 817-45 The Watcher by the Threshold (1901)
August1901 'Fountainblue'

Blackwood's Magazine 170 (1030) 218-42 The Watcher by the Threshold (1901)
January1902 'The Outgoing of the Tide'

The Atlantic Monthly 89 (1030) 218-42 The Watcher by the Threshold (1901)
January1906 'The Kings of Orion'

Blackwood's Magazine 179 (1083) 101-17 The Moon Endureth (1912)
November1906 A Lodge in the Wilderness

Blackwood & Sons
February1909 'The Company of the Marjolaine'

Blackwood's Magazine 185 (1120)151-70 The Moon Endureth (1912)
February1910 'A Lucid Interval'

Blackwood's Magazine 187 (1133) 165-86 The Moon Endureth (1912)
April-Sept1910 Prester John [The Great Diamond Pipe]

'The Black General' The Captain (23) 6 issues
August1910 Prester John

January1911 'The Lemnian'

Blackwood's Magazine 189 (1143) 1-13 The Moon Endureth (1912)
May1911 'Space'

Blackwood's Magazine 189 (1147) 600-13 The Moon Endureth (1912)
January1912 'The Green Glen'

Blackwood's Magazine 191 (1155) 39-56 The Moon Endureth (1912)
April1912 'The Riding of Ninemileburn'

Blackwood's Magazine 191 (1158) 486-94 The Moon Endureth (1912)
April1912 'The Grove of Ashtaroth'

The Moon Endureth
December1913 'Divus Johnston'

The Golden Hynde 1, 3-11 The Runagates Club
April1914 'Basilissa'

Blackwood's Magazine, 195 (1182), 477-90
June-July1915 The Thirty-Nine Steps (Read...)

The All-Story Weekly, 45 (52); 46 (1) Hodder & Stoughton
July1915 Salute to Adventurers

December1915 'The King of Ypres'

The Illustrated London News
May1916 The Power-House (Read...)

Blackwood's Magazine, 194 (1178), 715-60 Hodder & Stoughton
July-November1916 Greenmantle (Read...)

Land and Water, 62 (2826); 68 (2844) Hodder & Stoughton
1917 Poems, Scots and English

September1918 'The King of Ypres'

The Watcher by the Threshold [US]
January-February1919 Mr Standfast

The Popular Magazine, 51 (2) - (5) Hodder & Stoughton
January1920 'Fullcircle'

Blackwood's Magazine, 207 (1251), 70-82 The Runagates Club
March1921 'The Path of a King'

Outward Bound, 1 (1) - (12), 2 (1) as 'The Path of the King' Hodder & Stoughton
1921 'Watches of the Night'

The Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal under pseudonym 'Beta Minus'
August1922 Huntingtower (Read...)

The Popular Magazine, 61 (3) & (4) Hodder & Stoughton
August1923 Midwinter

Hodder & Stoughton
April1924 The Three Hostages (Read...)

The London Graphic, 109 (2836) - 110 (2854) Hodder & Stoughton
July1925 John MacNab

Chambers' Journal, 15 (733) - (763) Hodder & Stoughton
May-June1926 'The Goddess from the Shades'

The Popular Magazine, 80 (2) - (5) as 'The Dancing Floor' Hodder & Stoughton
1926 Modern Short Stories (editor)

1926 'The Shut Door'

The Boy's All-round Book
1926 'Nemesis'

The Boy's All-round Book
January-July1927 Witch Wood

The British Weekly, 81 (2099) - 82 (2125)
September1927 'The Green Wildebeeste'

London Pall Mall Magazine, 1 (5), 2-12 The Runagates Club
September1927 The Magic Walking Stick

Sails of Gold [annual]
October1927 'The Loathly Opposite'

London Pall Mall Magazine, 1 (6), 19-25 The Runagates Club
October1927 'The Post'

Unpublished version of 'The Loathly Opposite'
November1927 'Ships of Tarshish'

London Pall Mall Magazine, 2 (1), 80-88 as 'Ship to Tarshish' The Runagates Club
December1927 'Tendebant Manus'

London Pall Mall Magazine, 2 (2), 14-21 The Runagates Club
January1928 'The Last Crusade'

London Pall Mall Magazine, 2 (3), 70-77 The Runagates Club
February1928 'Sing a Song of Sixpence'

London Pall Mall Magazine, 2 (4), 38-44 The Runagates Club
March1928 'The Wind in the Portico'

London Pall Mall Magazine, 2 (5), 23-34 The Runagates Club
April1928 'Human Quarry'

London Pall Mall Magazine,2 (6), 66-82 as 'The Frying-Pan & the Fire' The Runagates Club
May1928 'Skule Skerry'

London Pall Mall Magazine, 3 (1), 46-53 The Runagates Club
July1928 'Dr Lartius'

The Runagates Club
September1929 The Courts of the Morning

Hodder & Stoughton
July1930 Castle Gay

Hodder & Stoughton
July1931 The Blanket of the Dark

Hodder & Stoughton
July1932 The Gap in the Curtain (Read...)

Hodder & Stoughton
Oct1932 The Magic Walking-Stick

Hodder & Stoughton
November1932 'The Strange Adventure of Mr Andrew Hawthorne'

The Silver Ship, 173-82
July1933 A Prince of the Captivity

Hodder & Stoughton
July1933 'Ho! The Merry Masons'

'Help Yourself' Annual, 19-26
1934 Six Stories from Shakespeare (contributor)

June1934 The Free Fishers

Hodder & Stoughton
July1935 The House of the Four Winds (Read...)

Hodder & Stoughton
July1936 The Island of Sheep [the Man from the Norlands] (Read...)

Hodder & Stoughton
April1941 Sick Heart River [Mountain Meadow]

Hodder & Stoughton
November1941 The Long Traverse [Lake of Gold]

Hodder & Stoughton

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