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The John Buchan Society    



Officers of the Society
Hon. President: Lord Tweedsmuir
Hon Vice-Presidents: Dr. Eileen Stewart
  Sir Edmund Fairfax-Lucy
  Lady Selkirk of Douglas
  Perdita Buchan
  Sally, Lady Tweedsmuir
Members of the Council
Chairman: Kenneth Hillier
Vice-Chairman: Michael Edwards
Secretary: Ian Berchem
Treasurer: Neil Tointon
Membership Secretary Dee Dunne-Thomas
Other Council Members David Buchan OBE
  Edward Buchan
  Ian Buckingham
  Clare Dodds
  William Galbraith (Canada)
  Alison Gallico
  Richard Love
  Michael Redley
  Andrena Telford
  William Telford
  Peter Thackeray

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