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The John Buchan Society    

No 5/Summer 1985


Canada's Governor-General 1935-40 [re 50th anniversary letters]

John Buchan in Canada, by William F E Morley, curator special collections, Douglas Library

Down North (I), by John Buchan [from a typescript account of his journey to the Arctic in 1937]

The Casual and the Causal in History, by the Hon William Buchan [speech given to the Society's Annual Dinner, 1985]

The Governor-General's Literary Awards [brief discussion of their existence for UK readers]

The Last Buchan, by Graham Greene [reprinted from The Lost Childhood, 1940]

John Buchan Revisited, by J B Pick [on Calvinism]

John Buchan - Literary Adviser, by Allister R Candlish [JB and Nelson's]

JB and the Motorcar, by Ralph Roney

Dickson McCunn, by Ranald M Laing

Book review of The Kirk in Scotland by John Buchan, new edition 1985, by J C G Greig

Book review of A Parish of Rich Women by James Buchan, by Kate Love [novel by JB's grandson]

John Buchan Journeys: 1 'John Burnet of Barns', by J Anne Paterson [following the novel in real topography]

Book review of The Far Islands and Other Tales of Fantasy by John Buchan, ed John Bell, by Ian Campbell

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