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No 19/Autumn 1998


Harvard Commencement Address 1938, by John Buchan

John Buchan: A Scottish Philosopher Reflects, by Professor John Haldane [speech given at the 1998 Society's AGM and Dinner, Buchan in the context of the discipline of philosophy, by the Professor of Philosophy at the University of St Andrew's]

Buchan, Donisarius and Bulwer-Lytton, by Rev James C G Greig [an erudite and esoteric connection disproved]

The value of money in John Buchan's life, by Ann Armstrong [the economics of Buchan's life in context]

A Lodge in the Wilderness (1906): A Reappraisal, by A E MacRobert [personal view from an ex-colonial administrator]

Major-General Sir Richard Hannay KCB, DSO, by Alasdair Hutton [what would Hannay have been had he been in the real army? By a military man]

Notes and queries

Radio whiz [Buchan as Mastermind subject, on BBC Radio 4]

Shelf coverage [spot survey of how many Buchan titles were in 2 bookshops in summer 1998]

John Motson: a fan [Buchan's place in modern football legend]

Priscilla Tweedsmuir [personal memory]

Scampering through the heather again [note of photo essay on The Thirty-Nine Steps' topography]

Haenertsburg [photo of Buchan plaque in South Africa, visted by 2nd Lord Tweedsmuir]

Von Einem found?[connections with a real von Einem]

Von Stumm found?[connections with a real von Stumm]

More coincidences [Canadian ferry crossings and Buchan]

Prester John [photo of the Prester John monument in South Africa]

Buchan and Louisa May Alcott [tentative connection]

John Buchan online [websites which feature JB]

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