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No 17/Autumn 1997


John Buchan, the Middle Temple and the Law, by Andrew Lownie [talk given to the Society by Buchan's biographer, July 1997]

Half hours in the Club Library, by John Buchan [Buchan's 1912 review of Samuel Johnson's A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland, 1775]

John Buchan: Angler, by Derek Mills [fishing in Buchan's fiction]

John Buchan and the Union of 1707, by Alasdair Hutton [Buchan's views on devolution of Scotland from English rule]

John Buchan and the '45, by A E MacRobert [Buchan's treatment of this uprising in his fiction]

'Where was the real 'Threshold'?, by J C G Greig

John Buchan's 'The Watcher by the Threshold', by George Davidson.

Making democracy safe for the world: a note on John Buchan's political career, by Michael Redley [Buchan's political beliefs]

John Buchan's Americanism in the First World War, by M A Pudlo [Buchan's propaganda work]

Notes and queries

Buchan-related happenings [events in the Borders, 1997]

Bibliographical database of Buchanalia [update]

Song of the Naked Men [does anyone know the tune?]

Reviewers needed [request from the Editor]

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