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The John Buchan Society    

No 13/Winter 1993-4


John Buchan and the Flyfishers' Club, by Derek Mills

photographs of Buchan's birthplace: Society outing to Perth, 1992

A History of the Great War: the re-emergence of Buchan's grand narrative on the Great War in 1921-22, by Keith Grieves

On the Magritte Trail, by David Daniell [unexpected connection between JB and Magritte]

Bentley vs Stutz: Lombard's car chase in The Island of Sheep, by Thomas W Holland Jr

Prester John: the historical setting, by R D Kernohan

Buchan and Bunyan, by Ann Armstrong

Notice of new JB titles reprinted in scholarly editions by Oxford University Press

Lichard Hannay, by Dennis F Collins [re Chinese perspicacity]

First encounters, by Janet O'Brien

A challenge, [re obscure inscription on flyleaf]

Whatever next? [re Glasgow The Thirty-Nine Steps Motor Carriage Company]

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