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1894 Essays and Apothegms of Sir Francis Bacon (edited with introduction)

1896 Scholar Gypsies (essays)

1897 Sir Walter Raleigh (Stanhope Prize essay) (Read...)

1898 The Pilgrim Fathers (Newdigate Prize poem) (Read...)

1898 Brasenose College

1901 The Book of the Horace Club

1901 The Book of the Jubilee

1901 The Compleat Angler, by Isaac Walton (edited with an introduction)

1903 The African Colony

1905 The Law Relating to the Taxation of Foreign Income

1905 'The Empire and the Century' (chapter in The Law and the Constitution)

1908 Some Eighteenth-Century Byways - Containing: ‘Prince Charles Edward,’ ‘Lady Louisa Stuart,’ ‘Mr Secretary Murray,’ ‘Lord Mansfield,’ ‘Charles II,’ ‘The Making of Modern Scotland,’ ‘Castlereagh,’ ‘A Comic Chesterfield (the 11th Earl of Buchan),’ ‘A Scottish Lady of the Old School (Lady John Scott),’ ‘The Victorian Chancellors,’ ’The First Lord Dudley,’ ‘Mr Balfour as a Man of Letters,’ ‘John Bunyan,’ ‘Count Tolstoi and the Idealism of War,’ ‘The Heroic Age of Ireland,’ ‘Rabelais,’ ‘Theodor Mommsen,’ ‘The Apocalyptic Style’

1909 Brasenose Quatercentenary Monographs

1909 Selected Essays (editor)

1911 Sir Walter Raleigh (Read...)

1913 Andrew Jameson, Lord Ardwall

1913 The Marquis of Montrose

1915 The Achievement of France

1915 Ordeal by Marriage

1915 Nelson's History of the War

1915 Britain's War by Land

1916 The Battle of Jutland

1916 The Battle of the Somme, First Phase

1916 The Purpose of War

1919 The Island of Sheep [by 'Cadmus & Harmonia', with Susan Buchan]

1919 The Battle Honours of Scotland 1914-1918

1919 These for Remembrance - Memoirs of Tommy Nelson, Bron Lucas (Auberon Herbert), Cecil Rawling, Basil Blackwood, Jack Stuart-Wortley and Raymond Asquith

1919 The Battle of the Somme, Second Phase

1920 Francis and Riversdale Grenfell

1920 The Long Road to Victory (editor)

1920 The History of the South African Forces in France

1921 Great Hours in Sport (editor)

1921 Miscellanies (editor)

1921 A History of the Great War

1922 A Book of Escapes and Hurried Journeys - Containing: ‘The Flight to Varennes,’ ‘The Railway Raid in Georgia,’ ‘The escape of King Charles after Worcester,’ ‘From Pretoria to the Sea,’ ‘The Escape of Prince Charles Edward,’ ‘Two African Journeys,’ ‘The Great Montrose,’ ‘In Flight of Lieutenants Parer and M’Intosh across the World,’ ‘Lord Nithsdale’s Escape,’ ‘Sir Robert Carey’s Ride to Edinburgh,’ ‘The Escape of Princess Clementina,’ ‘On the Roof of the World’

1923 Days to Remember

1923 A History of English Literature (editor)

1923 The Nations of Today (editor)

1923 The Last Secrets - Containing: ‘Lhasa,’ ‘The Gorges of the Brahmaputra,’ ‘The North Pole,’ ‘The Mountains of the Moon,’ ‘The South Pole,’ ‘Mount McKinley,’ ‘The Holy Cities of Islam,’ ‘The Explorations of New Guinea,’ ‘Mount Everest’

1924 Some Notes on Sir Walter Scott

1924 Lord Minto

1924 The Northern Muse (editor of Scottish poetry anthology)

1924 The Scottish Tongue (contributor)

1925 Two Ordeals of Democracy

1925 The History of the Royal Scots Fusiliers

1925 The Man and the Book: Sir Walter Scott

1926 Homilies and Recreations - Containing: ‘Sir Walter Scott,’ ‘The Old and the New in Literature,’ ‘The Great Captains,’ ‘The Muse of History,’ ‘A Note on Edmund Burke,’ ‘Lord Balfour and English Thought,’ ‘Two Ordeals of Democracy,’ ‘Literature and Topography,’ ‘The Judicial Temperament,’ ‘Style and Journalism,’ ‘Certain Poets’ (Scots Vernacular Poetry, Morris and Rossetti, Robert Burns, Catullus) ‘The Literature of Tweeddale,’ ‘Thoughts on a Distant Prospect of Oxford’

1926 Essays and Studies by the Members of the English Association (editor)

1926 The Fifteenth Scottish Division 1914-1919 (with John Stewart)

1927 South Africa (editor)

1928 Montrose

1928 The 'Teaching of History' Series (editor)

1928 General Survey of British History (editor)

1929 The Causal and the Casual in History (Rede Lecture)

1929 What the Union of the Churches means to Scotland

1930 Montrose and Leadership

1930 The Kirk in Scotland 1560-1929 (with George Adam Smith)

1930 Lord Rosebery 1847-1930

1931 The Poetry of Neil Munro (editor)

1931 The Novel and the Fairy Tale

1932 Sir Walter Scott

1932 Julius Caesar

1932 Andrew Lang and the Borders

1933 The Massacre of Glencoe

1933 The Margins of Life

1934 Gordon at Khartoum

1934 Oliver Cromwell

1935 Men & Deeds

1935 The King's Grace

1937 Augustus

1938 The Interpreter's House, Chancellor's Installation Address delivered before the University of Edinburgh

1938 Presbyterianism Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

1940 Memory Hold-the-Door [Pilgrim's Way]

1940 Canadian Occasions

1940 Comments and Characters

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