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No 9/Winter 1989


Photograph of Peebles in late 19th Century

Lord Tweedsmuir's Address, from the Proceedings of the Fifteenth General Council of the Alliance of Reformed Churches holding the Presbyterian System held at Montreal, Canada, 1937

notice of the elders and officiants of St Columba's (Church of Scotland), Pont Street, SW, from 1912 [where JB was an elder]

'Desperate Rock Mountains': mountaineering aspects in the novels of John Buchan, by Donald M Orr

'For Gods are kittle cattle': J G Frazer and John Buchan, by Christopher Harvie

Buchan in Lancashire?, by Rev Roy Braithwaite

John Buchan, the Black Stone and the University of Glasgow, by Ronald A Knox

query from Geoffrey H Tharme re earlier film version of 39 Steps than 1935

Back Casts, by the Rt Hon The Lord Tweedsmuir [memoirs of family holidays]

John Buchan's application for membership of the Scottish Mountaineering Club, listing hills climbed, and countersigned by Stair Gillon

Photograph of 'The Bsackstone Chair', University of Glasgow

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