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The John Buchan Society    

No 7/Winter 1987


Photograph of the house at Broadstairs

John Buchan and the Great War, by J W H de l'A Buchan [speech given by JB's publisher grandson at the Society's Annual Dinner, 1987]

Notice of reissue of These for Remembrance by Buchan & Enright

Who was Richard Hannay? - A search for the source, by Kate Macdonald

The Thirty Nine Steps: thoughts and suggestions on Richard Hannay's travels through southern Scotland, by J A Paterson and W M Russell Paterson

Buchan, Imperialism and Psychoanalysis (II), by Norman Etherington (1979)

Chance encounters and recollections, by A F C Lamont [memoirs of encounters with JB and Canadian connections]

Letter received from David N Brown, National Museum of Flight [re JB's aircraft]

Letter received from Dr G R C D Gibson [re JB's cars]

Letter received from Christopher Boyd [re Brattleburn]

Letter received from W B Galloway [re the house in Broadstairs]

Letter received from Mrs Joyce Lawton [re the house in Broadstairs]

Letter received from Peter Wilson [re the JB Complete Edition]

Letter received from John Whitehead [re the JB Complete Edition]

The Complete Buchan [details of the Society's project]

Advert for 1914 London-Glasgow train, with lunch basket provision

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