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No 6/Autumn 1986


Photo from 1986 John Buchan Society Dinner

Two letters from JB while Governor-General, 1936 and 1937, to Alexander Fraser

Certificate admitting JB to the Most Enviable Order of the Seekers of the North

Down North (II-IV), by John Buchan [from a typescript account of his journey to the Arctic in 1937]

John Buchan and the Empire in 1935, by Bruce Collins

Tweedsmuir as Patron: John Buchan and the Blackwood's stories of Thomas H Raddall, by John Bell

Buchan, Imperialism and Psychoanalysis (I), by Norman Etherington

The Collected and the Complete: notes towards a new edition of John Buchan's writings, by Hugh Hood

Letter received from Ronald Forbes Buchan, Maine [re memories of JB at McGill]

Letter received from Mrs Nora Wade, Toronto [re JB's visit to Renfrew, Ontario]

Letter received from Jean I Wright, Calgary [re JB's visit to Alexander Fraser in Saskatchewan]

Letter received from Mrs Marion W DeBoice, British Columbia, and cutting from the Saskatoon Star [re JB's visit to Alexander Frazer in Saskatechewan in 1936, and his personal generosity to her]

Book review of The Magic Walking Stick by John Buchan, by Chris Small aged 13

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