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The John Buchan Society    

No 4/Autumn 1984


photographs from Mr Reggie's Things, Sir

Jargon of the Age, by John Buchan [reprinted from The Graphic, 28 February 1931]

A Rhapsody on Fishing, by John Buchan [reprinted from The Graphic, 2 May 1931]

The John Buchan Centre, Broughton, by Brian Lambie

Notice of the Society's winter meetings programme

New Blood, by Allan Ramsay [JB and Nelson's the publishing house]

John Buchan and the west of Scotland, by James C G Grieg

'John Buchan', by Richard Church [reprinted from British Authors, 1943]

The first flight over Everest: the subject of the talk given by Lord James Douglas Hamilton at the Annual Dinner of the John Buchan Society 1984, by The Rt Hon Lord Tweedsmuir

'... a ton or two of expensive metal...[re photograph of JB and possible Albion car, 1903]

Memories of Peebles, by Mrs Barbara McEwan, Peebles

John Buchan and Canada [re seminar at Newbattle Abbey College, Dalkeith, September 1985]

Sir Edward Leithen, by Rev Ranald M Laing

Letter received from Naomi Mitchison about meeting JB

Letter received from DR G R C D Gibson re Blanchard review in No 3

Letter received from Mr K Hillier re ref to JB poem 'Sandy to Alastair', unknown

Letter received from Kenneth D Macrae re his JB Who's Who

Letter received from Allister R Candlish re JB's letters 1906-7/8 & future research

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