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No 25/Autumn 2001


Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club Presidential Address (1923), by John Buchan

Buchan and the Classics: Part 2: the Classics in Buchan's work, by Michael and Isobel Haslett

John Buchan's heraldry, his peerage and honours, by Malcolm Golin

Christopher Stannix, by A E MacRobert

Current Research

collection of references to JB (John Johnstone) Kate Macdonald

Book News

1922 review of Huntingtower Buchan Foreword (1935) to Clement Gunn autobiography Buchan in contemporary fiction (Emma Blair)

Notes and Queries

JB's fishing basket? Grey Weather and Cedric Chivers More on Buchan's music Support for Youth Orson Welles and Buchan Free bottle for Buchan trivia Mine Howe. The Mystery of the 29 Steps

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