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No 23 / Autumn 2000


A Tribute to Lord Tweedsmuir on his Passing, and To the Press of Canada, by W L Mackenzie King [contemporary obituaries by Prime Minister of Canada]

Memories of JB in Canada, by Jack Jeffrey

A Border temenos, by Richard D Jackson [Border history, the ditty of Wee Jaikie and sacred sites]

Information wanted [unprovenanced photograph of WWII airman having a haircut while reading Greenmantle]

How dumb was von Stumm?, bu James C G Greig [German diplomatic activities in the Near East and genealogy]

Buchan and the dictators, by A E MacRobert [Oliver Cromwell, Augustus and contemporary dictatorships]

Scudder's code: a competition [crack the code]

John Buchan and women readers, by Kate Macdonald [results of survey of readership]

Kipling and Buchan collaborate [1947 on Kipling short story purported to have been suggested by JB]

John Buchan in a Nutshell, by R D Kernohan, by Rev A C D Johnstone [book review]

The Leithen Stories, by John Buchan, with an Introduction by Christopher Harvie, by Kate Macdonald [book review]

The Watcher by the Threshold: Shorter Scottish Fiction, by John Buchan, edited and with an Introduction by Andrew Lownie, by Christopher Colton [book review]

Writing From Experience: from Louisa May Alcott to Virginia Woolf, edited by Brian Taylor, by Kate Macdonald [book review]

Current Research

Douglas Wheeler, Michael Redley, John Buchan, Rosa Penna


Buchan cartoon from JBJ 22 [explanation of Reuters caricature]

Donation [of a copy of Buchan's Two Ordeals for Democracy to the John Buchan Centre]

Email group [John Buchan e-discussion group]

Archer again [lies and revelations]

Harp music [Scottish harpist sets Buchan lyric to music]

Rare book [Watcher by the Threshold set to raise lots of cash]

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