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No 21/Autumn 1999


Thomas Henderson Buchan: the last bushranger?, by Rev Edwin R Lee [on John Buchan's uncle Tom, the black sheep of the family, who was purported to have died before Buchan, but who in fact outlived him]

Letters from John Buchan and Anna Buchan to Mrs Robert Cook, from Steve Mittwede

Waiting in the wings? Sir Archibald Roylance, Bart, DSO, MP, by Philip Harrison [an examination of the growth of Archie throughout the Buchan canon]

Alfred Milner, by John Oxley [Buchan's boss in South Africa, his failings and miscalculations, by a South African]

Angela Thirkell and John Buchan, by Kate Macdonald [how Thirkell subverted Buchan's characters for her own comic ends]

JB and the Geological Society, by Ted Nield [mysterious and hitherto unknown photograph of Buchan from 1901 found in the Geological Society's archives]

Notes and Queries

Janet Adam Smith [obituary of Buchan's most well-known and best biographer]

O Douglas quoted in The Independent

Work in progress [current research projects by readers]

The John Buchan plaque [the unveiling of the plaque at the Institute of Physics, Portland Place]

Hearing Buchan [review of audio tapes of Buchan stories]

Mystery poem [poem called 'John Buchan' by Alexander Laing (1931)]

First over Everest [play commemorating the flight, which was supported by a committee contaning Buchan]

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