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The John Buchan Society    

Vol 1/No 2/Autumn 1981


Two photographs from the presentation of the Ballantyne Whisky Angling Trophy

One of Buchan's earliest unpublished stories [now called Gideon Scott, reprinted in vol 1 of the Lownie complete Buchan short stories]

Buchan's women: A defence and a brief foretaste, by James Greig

Notice of the forthcoming Blanchard Bibliography [and the Society's decision not to do any further bibliographic work in deference to it].

Notice of a projected documentary about JB [which needed cash]

Book review of The Best Short Stories of John Buchan, ed David Daniell, by Trevor Royle

Book review of John Buchan and His World, by Janet Adam Smith, by Eileen Stewart

Book review of Penguin reissue of Greenmantle and The Island of Sheep by John Buchan, by Derek Mills

Voices of the Tweed, by the Rev. John Buchan [poem published by JB's father]

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