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The John Buchan Society    

No 16/Spring 1997


Lord Tweedsmuir, by James Buchan [obituary of the 2nd Lord Tweedsmuir]

A gentle man, by Eileen Stewart [obituary of the 2nd Lord Tweedsmuir]

The Knees of the Gods, by John Buchan [mountaineering short story]

John Buchan's London, by Michael Redley [guided tour round Buchan's London]

John Buchan's Birds, by Philip Harrison [Buchan and the ornithology of his fiction]

Not an alter ego!, by James C G Greig [clarifiying the identity of another John Buchan who wrote Scottish poetry at the end of the 19th century]

The Return of John MacNab by Andrew Greig, by Bill Todd [book review]

The Buchan Papers by J D F Jones, by Kate Macdonald [book review]

The Marquis of Montrose by John Buchan, by David Marsh [book review]

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