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No 14/Spring 1995


Photograph of 'The real John McNab', 1896

The Return, by John Buchan [poem]

An instinct to please: the writings of Susan Buchan, by Ursula Buchan [speech given to the Society's Annual Dinner, 1994, by JB's writer grand-daughter]

Alice, Lady Fairfax-Lucy, by Janet Adam Smith and David Daniell [obituaries]

The Second Oxford Weekend, 16-18 July 1993, by Kate Love

In memoriam John Buchan, first Lord Tweedsmuir (1875-1940), by Revd. James Greig

The Real 'John Macnab', by Angus Fairrie [reprinted from The Queen's Own Highlander, 1992, re real-life MacNab exploits]

The Secret Papers, by Timothy Elwell-Sutton [winning short story of the John Buchan Memorial Prize for Fiction, Hutcheson's Grammar School, Glasgow, 1994, reprinted from The Buchan Book, produced by the pupils]

Rising to the Challenge [friendship between John Buchan and James Maxton, explanation of obscure flyleaf description from JBJ 13]

It's That Book Again…, by Charlotte A Bennie [site of The Damcing Floor, note about how more non-Brits know about JB]

Review of A Buchan Companion by Paul Webb, by Russell Paterson [book review]

Review of Perceptions of the Picts: from Eumenius to John Buchan by Anna Ritchie, by Kate Love [book review]

Round-up [JB in print in modern editions]

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