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The John Buchan Society    

No 10/Spring 1991 Commemorative issue


Photographs from Oxford Weekend

Ho! The Merry Masons, by John Buchan (1933) [rediscovered short story]

The John Buchan Society Oxford Seminar Weekend 6th-9th July 1990, by Kate Love

At the foot of the Thirty-Ninth Step, by David Daniell

Graveside Memorial Service at Elsfield, Sunday 8th July 1988, conducted by the Revd Roy Braithwaite

The path of the pilgrim, by James C G Greig

John Buchan Journeys: Castle Gay, by J Anne Paterson and W M Russell Paterson

Letter received from Ronald Forbes Buchan [re fishing poem by American boy, in spirit of Buchan]

The Hatch, by Jesse Tucker, Maine (aged 14)

John Buchan - why bother?, by James C G Greig

excerpts from letters from Winifred Holtby re JB

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