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  2. Buy membership for someone else as a present Experience has shown that membership of the John Buchan Society has solved many a tricky Christmas present decision, or the annual birthday nightmare. Be imaginative, be cunning, save on wrapping paper.
  3. Make a donation to the Society or to the John Buchan Centre By ‘donation’ you could offer actual money, your time as a volunteer, a Buchan book you think might be interesting or unusual, newspaper cuttings concerning Buchan, or some money to pay for postage. All are welcome!
  4. Write a review of a John Buchan book or story for this website What do you think of The Island of Sheep, or Midwinter? Have you strong opinions about ‘The Outgoing of the Tide’ or ‘A Captain of Salvation’? How do you think Lord Minto measures up against more recent biographies of legal worthies of the 19th century? How about Buchan’s historical essays, or his adaptation of Coriolanus? If you have an opinion about any of Buchan’s works, write it down, and we’ll add it to our growing list of reviews in the bibliography section. Reviews inform other people and they’re very useful to read.
  5. Write an article for the John Buchan Journal The JBJ publishes articles written by Buchan enthusiasts who might be professors and journalists, but who might also be submarine crew, health care staff or post office workers. You can write one too. All articles are reviewed rigorously for their content and grammar, but it is rare for an article to be rejected. Buchan’s life was a remarkable mirror for his times. Using his work and life as a prism for literary and political history brings out remarkable research and fascinating details. If you have a way into a subject which was inspired by something Buchan did or said, write an article, and talk to the Editor about it. Look at our index of Journals to see the range of subjects covered so far: we only lack something on Buchan’s flower-arranging skills!
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